Pics of 08 Sahara work SGH and 08 Magenta RH

  1. Here are some pics I rec'd today from Kim at BalNY regarding the Work style. Sahara with GSH and Magenta RH. I asked Kim about the veiny leather of the magentas, she said some of the newer shipments were less veiny.... But both look great...will be hard to make a decision! Just thought I would share these with you ;)


  2. I like veins i think they give the bag "characters". Love sahara..
  3. wow i love that sahara color! im dieing for a work, but I want one in black with RH, it would be my first bbag =]
  4. Nice! Thanks for sharing!! The leather and color of sahara is TDF!!
  5. OMG i love Sahara with GSH!!!!
  6. The Magenta is lovely. I am glad that the new shipments are appearing to be less veiny. I wonder how the leather actually feels?
  7. Oh god that Magenta is calling my name! Thanks peppers! Must resist the urge to switch from Magenta WE to Work...

    ooh and the shoulder strap looks more inviting!
  8. SSSSaaaaaaaaaHHHHaaaaaaaaaaRRRRaaaaaaa :drool::drool::drool:. I'm in love with that SGH Work. Must resist:sweatdrop:... must resist:sweatdrop:
  9. Sandstone is on my list too, congrats.
  10. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous pictures with us! I'm currently waiting for a Sahara SGH Part-time/City and seeing these pictures makes me even more excited!
  11. OMG I'm seriously loving the Sahara with SGH more and more I see her... :love: Wonder if I should abandon my "other plans" for this instead... :graucho:
  12. Thanks for sharing the pics, I love the sahara, very subtle yet classy esp. with the GH.