Pics of 05 Olive City!!!

  1. here is my scrumptious. handles look dark in the pic but not IRL, which makes me wonder how many bags I've missed out on because I thought the handles looked too dark in the pics :confused1:. hmmmmm...

    CIMG0802.JPG CIMG0804.JPG CIMG0805.JPG
  2. oh deco... it's sooo pretty :yahoo:
    congratulations again :P it's still in such a great condition, even the tassels are perfect :yes: and LOOK AT THE LEATHER!!! :drool:
  3. wow!! :nuts: thats a great color! congrats!
  4. Wow, Deco! I just posted on your other thread, but I wanted to say what a gorgeous bag! :heart: The leather!!! :love: :tender:
    Congrats again!! :yahoo:
  5. Purrrrrrrrrrdy!!
  6. WOW it is gorgeous, now i want one too.:nuts:
  7. Lucky girl! It's gorgeous!
  8. ^^ yummmmmm!!! :drool::love::tender:
  9. Wow!!! That leather does look amazing! Thanks for the pics!
  10. Omg omg look at that leather! What a great find! Big congrats Deco! :nuts: :yahoo:
  11. Deco, that is the most gorgeous bag!!! :love: I am so happy for you. :yahoo: I know what you mean by handles often photographing darker. My mom asked me to take pics of her Theda. The handles looked disgusting and they weren't. I finally put the handles next to the other leather and used no flash and then it was clear they weren't dark like in the other pictures. Strange. Maybe even a little oil from hands wants to photograph a lot darker. I also wonder how many I have passed up.:confused1:
  12. yummmy! i missed the other thread, but i am SOOO happy for you!!!! :yahoo:
  13. What a beautiful, gorgeous color! And the bag looks brand new! Congratulations!
  14. OH MY GAWD! The color, the leather...:drool: Are you treating with something? Tell me your secret!!!
  15. CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS DeCo!!!:yahoo:Beautifull bag! You got a stunner!!!