PICS of '04 Turquoise and '05 Caramel City bags

  1. I got the '04 Turquoise yesterday and I love it. The leather is fabulous and the color is gorgeous and matches a lot of my clothes. No yellowing at all, maybe a tiny bit of fading, but not much and I love the vintage look of the older bags. I've had the caramel for a couple of months but was too busy to photograph her properly and introduce her. The leather and color are very nice on the caramel, and a big thanks to a fabulous PF'er for parting with her.
    Taken in different lighting, all outside, natural light, no flash. Some in sun, some in shade.
    Caramel Prefall 2005:


    F/W 2004 Turquoise:
  2. They're both gorgeous but the turquoise is TDF!!! One of the best colors ever. :drool:
  3. Wow, both are such beautiful colors, enjoy your great bags!
  4. Powder Congrats on both beauties. :yahoo:I love the Caramel. :drool:You have a great taste.:tup: Enjoy them.:heart:
  5. Whoa!!!! I am loving that turquoise. That color is looks like my pool. I want to dive right in!!!! Congrats on two gorgeous gorgeous bags, powder!
  6. congrats powder! :party: That's turquoise is gorgeous! :heart: I was eyeing that for the longest time, but couldn't figure out whether it's yellowed or faded (well, the seller side-stepped my qns). So where is it faded? (sorry, just had to satisfy my curiosity!!) And I'm really glad that it's gone to you where I know it'll get loads of love!
  7. ^They are both really beautiful!!!:love::love::love: Thanks for sharing and what amazing photo's!!!!!!!!!:smile:
  8. I LOVE that caramel!
  9. I'm always admired both of these colors - they are gorgeous!! Congrats, powder!! :yahoo::yahoo:
  10. T-d-f

  11. powder, I love your turquoise. :love: It is such a calming, soft and inviting color. Congratulations!
  12. There you go again with those beautiful pictures Powder! Beautiful bags too!!! Congrats!
  13. Thanks girls. I'm now a Mrs. and 2 new puppies, 2 new bags, life is good. :smile:
    Peppy, I see no yellowing at all on the turquoise. There is maybe a little fading on the front and back but I compared the mirror to the bag and they are very close. I'm going to spray it with Apple Guard to prevent yellowing and stains but honestly, if this color did go a little yellow, I think it would just make it look a little more like seafoam since those 2 are very close.
    As you all know I LOVE neutrals as much as my colored bags so a little fading doesn't bother me. I think it depends on the color and if it fades evenly. I think the only 2 with really bad yellowing issues(which BNY has admitted) are the '06 pale pink and the ice blue. However I have seen some that weren't yellow at all and others that were really yellow. So what causes it remains a mystery.
    Balenciaga had a couple pinks that had never been out of the box and they had yellowed. So obviously they had a problem with some of the dye they used on those bags, but maybe not all. I love that color and have always wanted one. I figure I will wait a year or so, and if one is still petal pink, no yellowing, then get it since I think it might be safe to assume by then that the dye lot for that bag was ok.
  14. Gulp, those bags are so yummy. I knew that the turq would be great and it is fantastic! I can't believe how great the leather is on the 05 caramel bags that have been posted lately. I'm just in awe.
  15. WOW! those are GORGEOUS! what a FAB color the caramel is! absolutely fabulous! congrats!