Pics!!! Newest Prada Sport Coat!!!!!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]
    Looks so cute ON.....Very comfy and cute!!
    Got it at NM for 1580!:heart:ITS all black..despite the flash..LOL
  2. SOOO cute! How big does it run........:graucho:
  3. It ran BIG..I had to go down almost 2 sizes from last years coat!!Usually thier coats are small and I go up a size...This is a 40..
  4. Soooo nice! Congrats! :yes:
  5. congrats!
  6. Very cute! Is it warm? Is it lined or anything and about how long is it on you?

    I'm looking for a new more casual coat for winter.
  7. So maybe that means they have one that will fit my size 16 @ss?!! :nuts:

    Does the furry thingy detach Jill?
  8. ^LOL ROO!!!..Yes the fur collar deatches with tiny buttons..I usually take them off as most fur gives me HIVES!!LMAO!

    It goes down to just above my knees(Covers my big A*S!!!)...and is probably the heaviest coat Ive ever bought...BUT doesnt add on weight to the bod!!
  9. Jill the coat looks great! I'm loving the length. :heart:
  10. Nice, Jill! Thanks for the pics.
  11. Cute! And I like that collar too.
  12. I love the coat.
  13. Beautiful coat Jill!!!
    I'm blind, I see 2 different colors of the coat on my screen?
  14. very nice. i am glad you were able to find your size.
  15. congrats!
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