Pics!!!!!!!!!!!!new Soft Chain Bag!

  1. Sorry in advance for lousy pics.Im home really sick and my 10 yr old took these pics for all of you!!!This bag is BIG..LOVES IT.The leather is beyond YUMMY ,so soft..nicest I have ever seen.I actually got a Prada bag delivered too..LOL...YIKES....unexpected.Too bad Im too sick to try them out..sniff....will post pics modeling or Ill try to convince Taylor to do it for me again..LOL~!This kid is so well trained.she took detail pics of logo and chain handle without me asking her too!!!ROFL!!LOVES !:heart:
    PS-these pics do NOT do the bag justice..its freakin UNBELEIVABLE IRL!!!!!!!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. ohh, i like that chain on the new soft! congrats on your bag!
  4. Thank you Jill & Taylor--
    Looks like a great bag!
    Feel better soon :smile:
  5. Very nice!
  6. Sorry you're sick Jill. Feel better soon.

    Great looking bag. You'll have to model it for us later.

  7. Sorry you are sick, Jill! Have you tried it on? I am dying to know how it "feels" on -- how big it is, etc. (sorry the sympathy turned to questions so fast LOL)
  8. Congrats Jill! I saw this in beige at the trunk show, and it was realllly soft and nice.
  9. MORE pics this..Im getting the beige one too..its freakin fabulous
  10. Yeah, thats darling...I just want to smoosh it! Very cute! Glad you got a little suprise since you are sick. (are you frozen inside??) It sounds like miserable weather there! I woke up and it was 40 today!! That is COLD for THIN Floridian blood!! Feel better and love the bag!
  11. yeah...I like that...hott!!!

    *your closet must be like a mini designer boutique*
  12. the chain looks really short IRL..but due to the slouchy smooshy hobo like shape.....itll fit easily with a coat.OMG..The chain is TDF!!!!
  13. The bag looks great...and huge too!!! The chain looks very comfortable to hold, and the leather looks yummy!!!!!
  14. [​IMG]
  15. [​IMG]