Pics!!!!!!**new Prada Surprise Delivery!!**

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

  2. Bag is a hobo..which I do not like..Not a keeper..Im getting the satchel instead...again..LOL..and over 2600...eek
    The wallet is so PRETTY IRL!with gold etching..yummy..360
    Shoes are very I already own(LOL)...and a wedge which I cant wear....Thought you all would like to see this weeks shipment..
  3. Gorgeous! I especially love the wallet! But Jill, come on, is any Prada delivery at your house really a suprise? :graucho:

    Seriously...My SA sent me a few things to look at and didnt tell me what they were so its kinda FUN that way!!LOL!
    I do have an AMAZING new pair of gold buckle brown D'orsays on the way too..THEY ARE YUMMY...They shipped from another Prada store yesterday too..HEE!HEE!
  5. I like that t-strap. Is that the wedge? Is it high?
  6. YEP! the T strap is a wedge..about 3 inches I guess.
  7. I like the last pair of shoes. Very nice.
  8. I love shoe number 3
  9. Wow, those are some great items. But are they really surprises or you bought them? Im confused. :confused1:
  10. Keep on posting pics of your shipments -- it's so great to be able to look them over with you!

    I agree with you -- not a hobo fan. I like the shoes with the buckles -- very Prada-ish.
  11. i like the 1st shoe.. its kinnda funky but elegant!
    love the wallet too!
  12. LOVE those shoes! Drooling...
  13. I love the shoe in the middle!
  14. Love the wallet - but does it only have 4 credit card slots? not nearly enough....:upsidedown: What satchel are you getting - the ruched one?
  15. You got some very nice goodies. I know you said the bag was going back but I really like it.

    Does your SA charge this stuff to your credit card and then you return the others for a refund? How does that work? I probably should be doing that. I'm 3 1/2 hrs away from a high-end store.
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