PICS - New Patent Luxury Flap SS2007 Act II

  1. These pics are from Instyle Magazine. This flap bag retails for $2,795 and is part of SS2007 ActII Luxury Ligne.:yes:

    Style# A35041 YO4339
    Also available in Red & Black

  2. [​IMG]
  3. These rings are also from SS2007 ActII

    Style# A34775 Y02249 - $250

  4. I love that bag. wonder what other colors it comes in
  5. Thanks for posting it! :heart: :heart:

  6. Red & Black for sure - maybe others?
  7. she said so above :smile:))
  8. That bag is beautiful! Kind of rocker-esque.
  9. OMG! I love that patent flap in blue and i'm not even a patent person!!!! That is GORGEOUS!!!!
  10. Ooh it's pretty!
  11. aaww, I want the silver ring!
  12. OMG! That patent blue is gorgeous!
  13. oohhhh, it looks stunning! i didn't know the patent luxury existed.
    thanks for posting this, mon!
  14. OMG, both the bag and the ring are beautiful!!! But the bag is sooooo pricey, ouch!

    may get the ring though....mmm....
  15. Thanks another bag to lust after.