Pics! New Madison & Large Green Drill

  1. Stopped by Saks tonight and shot these pics for all of you!

    They have the new Madison in White Lambskin and Black Lambskin. The price is $2650.

    This is the new Large Drill as well! It is a huge bag (remember I'm 5'10"!) But it is very AWESOME looking in person! It would actually fit a laptop although I would never put a laptop in that bag!

    They also received the Drill flap bag in Gold with Silver Hardware.

    If anyone is interested in the Madison or Drill Flap, call Lisa Beck at 813-371-5100 or email

    I think the large Drill is already sold but it doesn't hurt to ask!

    PS - I'm counting on Celia to enlarge these photos!!!:p
    madison.jpg lg_drill1.jpg lg_drill2.jpg
  2. [​IMG]



    LOL..i'm here, have enlarged the pics:tup:

    U are wonderful to share these with our pfers:love::flowers:
  3. YOU are wonderful for resizing everything!!!
  4. As always, You are most welcome...:love::flowers:
  5. Thanks for the pics! And Celia you are so fast! You are on all day!
  6. hehe...u bet, i'm a die-hard fan of the purse forum, u can see me online almost everytime unless i happen to be out;):p
  7. Well I'm so glad you are! You do this forum a great service! :tup:
  8. Yay! I'm sooo glad they redesigned the madison! I loved the concept of the chain detailing but everytime I saw one it made me chuckle. I'm way too self conscious to wear one of the older style madisons. You would think R&D or marketing would have picked up on the whole phallic thing before. Better late than never! Thanks so much for the pics photomj!
  9. LOL...thanks sweetie! I'm glad i can be of any help here:flowers:
  10. I just saw the redesigned Madison last week at Saks in black. I :heart: it!
  11. Thanks for the pics :smile:
  12. This is so sweet! [​IMG]
  13. I LOVE the new madison. I think another member (bisoux?) got one in black. That price tag makes me sad but other than that, it is just TDF. Thanks for the pictures and information, as always.:heart:
  14. The Madison is just gorgeous! Congrats!

    The price tag makes me :cursing:.
  15. I'm surprised that I really like the new madison. :yes: I wasn't a huge fan of the older one.

    The price is just ridiculous though!