Pics!!!new Fall Shoes And Gauffre Wallet!!

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I love those boots!!!!!! :nuts:
  5. [​IMG]

    Got all these from NY PRADA store in the last 2 weeks..FINALLY postin pics!LOL!
  6. love the shoes and the new wallet!!!!
    sure u love gauffre so much!!!!!!! ;)
  7. Jill --- LOVE LOVE LOVE the wallet!!!!! I must get! Oh! I'm dying over that wallet!!

    OK, shoes -- gorgeous!!! Love em all but especially the black patents... Do they have a heel?

    Thanks tons for the pics!
  8. Holy...that pair of (is it pink?) ballerina shoes is divine!
  9. The black patent shoes are RUCHED HEELS...totally killer IRL!Cant wait to wear them!LOL!
    The other 2 are ballerinas.The wallet was 460 I beleive,Boots 750-,ballerinas were around 390ish each
  10. i love the pink shoes and the wallet. congrats!
  11. OMG -- ruched black patents... THUD!

  12. Tongue hit the ground when I saw the wallet and those hot sexy boots! Rearow! :nuts:
  13. Jill that wallet is SICK!!!! I LOVE it...Does it come in other colors? BTW your foot is cute (the wallet pic..lmao!!!)
  14. Really gorgeous wallet !! and the boots look wonderful -- I'm going to need a new black pair -- are they this fall?
  15. That's it! I'm officially moving into your shoe closet! Make room for me!!!!