**PICS** New Doggie Carrier!- SAC BAXTER PM!!

  1. hi everyone..

    today I went to the LV boutique with intention to buy a Neverfull GM for my books +laptop only but as I was heading out of the store w/ my Neverfull, I saw the SAC BAXTER!! Luckily, I had my precious Mia with me so she got to "try out" her new bag right there! The Sac Baxter is extremely light weight and sooo easy to carry your small dog in! Sac Baxter comes in 2 sizes: GM and PM. Mia fits in the PM just fine..she has room to stand and turn around..and she just loves to poke her head out and see the world! Mia also has the Sac Chien 40 but the Sac Chien is really too rigid to carry daily..it is more for traveling..while the Sac Baxter is made for day to day activities!!!

    I will post pics of my Neverfull later..for now, the Sac Baxter, modeled by my precious fur daughter- Mia!!! :love::love::love:
    IMG_3882 (Large).JPG IMG_3877 (Large).JPG IMG_3866 (Large).JPG
  2. OMG that is the cutest thing I have ever seen! congrats to both of you, lol!
  3. aww! :love: is she a maltese?
  4. OMG your puppy is so freakin' cute!
  5. So adorable!
  6. Omg your dog is sooo cute!!!
    I love the Baxter bag it's gorgeous, Congrats!
  7. Oh my goodness Miss Alice...Mia is so cute in the Sac Baxter!!! Congrats on both of your purchases. You both will look so fab:cutesy:
  8. omg, she's soooo cute! How many pounds does she weigh? I've been thinking of getting an LV dog carrier for my baby lately.
  9. OMG.. so adorable!!! Thanks for sharing!
  10. OMG that is so adorable! I wish I had a tiny dog to carry around like that. My jack russells are bit too heavy and too hyper for it.
  11. Awww, your puppy is so *ADORABLE*. :tender:

    That dog carrier is beautiful as well.

  12. oh your dog is sooo adorable!!! i love the bag too!
  13. Awww..THANK YOU EVERYONE for your kind words!!

    Yes, Mia is a Maltese..she is 4 lbs. her daddy was 4 lbs and her mommy was 4.5lbs. I seriously PRAY she does not grow more (she is 7months old now) b/c she will out grow her bag! lol...I forgot to mention that the Sac Baxter has an REMOVABLE LINING that makes for EASY EASY CLEANING..in case the doggies have "accidents." hehe..the removable inner lining have buttons on it and you can just pull it off and put it in the wash..it is a dream come true! I truly love that practical aspect of the Sac Baxter...especially compared to the Sac Chien, which was very hard to clean..

    I totally was NOT planning on buying the Sac Baxter. I really was ONLY going to buy the Neverfull but self control was never my strength..lol..and for some odd reason, I couldn't resist leaving the store w/o it, after seeing my fur daughter in there..lol...so, I guess it is PURSE BAN FOR ME NOW!!

    Thank you everyone!!

    Mia says: thank you everyone!! :shame:
  14. ^ how do you keep her so WHITE? lol.
  15. Aaaaw, she's so precious! :love: Congrats on a great buy!