Pics!!new Cotton Club Arrived!!!

  1. Fedex actually came a lovely snow storm..I might add..LOL...Here are my pics of the LARGE BLACK COTTON CLUB BAG.The leather is really cool..I could see ANY mom using this it looks like it could take a serious beating...heehee..
    Not 100% sure of the shape though.Im accustomed to my mushy cabas...and this has more structure..It was over 2100 with let me know whatcha think!

  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. I have to say I like the zipper detail the most.....It gives the bag an edge.
  5. Congrats!!

    Wow! It's a beauty!

    I would love to see pics of you wearing it......I have heard that it's kind of wide??? How does it feel on? Does it feel heavy?
  6. Its VERY light actually..still in jammies..will post pics when I get dressed wearing it.It has structure but does mush up when you put under arm.
  7. Go Model it Jill!! We dont care if your in your pjs, your stank doesnt come thru pixels! LOL
  8. ^I dont stink missy!!!
  9. I really do like it Jill. Very nice bag.
  10. I like it! :yes: Congrats.

    We need modeling pics ASAP!!!
  11. Jill, it's a nice looking bag. I'm trying to decide if I want Cambon Tote or this new one.
  12. So it must be some sort of calfskin, right, not lambskin???

    The old Cambon bags were made of a durable kind of calfskin that Chanel called "evercalf."
  13. OK..its nicer than cambon.....The leather is way cooler..BUT the shape is what concerns me.Im so used to my mushy cabas bags..
  14. What do I think! I think the freakin' store here better hurry up and get this in. NOW!!!!

    Seriously Jill, it gorgeous. What do you think of it? A keeper?
  15. Wow, I actually like this bag now that I see your posts. I can see how it could be a "mommy work-horse" bag which I really appreciate!

    Hurry up and get dressed!!