*PICS* New Chanel Purchases

  1. These are the "toys" I purchased in Nov and Dec--- I finally got my "Devil Wears Prada" pearls!:yahoo:

    More pics in next post.
    Chanel CC Black White Pearls.jpg Chanel  (2) CC Black White Pearls.jpg CHANEL Black CC Cambon Reporter.jpg CHANEL (Back) Black CC Cambon Reporter.jpg CHANEL Black Patent Clutch.jpg
  2. ooh what gorgeous chanel goodies you have!!! i especially like the pearls and the understated black CCs on the black reporter... congrats!
  3. Congratulation!!! I love the pearl!!! May I ask where did you get it and how much? Thank you very much... :p
  4. and more pics.........
    CHANEL Black Patent Clutch (2).jpg CHANEL Black Patent Ritz Bag.jpg CHANEL (back) Black Patent Ritz Bag.jpg Black Patent Clutch Inside.jpg Black Patent Ritz Inside.jpg
  5. greaaaaaaaaaaaat purchases .. love ur necklace + Clutch:heart::heart:

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  7. Thanks girls!!!:tender:
  8. The pearls came from NM Madison Ave Chicago. I have had them longer than the other items. I believe they were maybe $1100.00. I would have to look back at the reciept.
  9. Beautiful!!! Congrats!
  10. Wow, I love your items. The pearls are gorgeous, and so are the bags and clutch. I really love the Ritz bag.
  11. I know the pics on the Ritz were not that great, but it is such an awesome little bag. I love the way the pocket on the back makes it look like a "mini handbag". The inside has a mirror and a lipstick holder and more. For the money it is a great piece.
  12. Thanks PM! I thought as much-- they never stop do they!
  13. congrats! gorgeous things! love the pearls!
  14. Penny! WOW! Every single piece is stunning. Congrats on your purchases you have such classy taste.
  15. OMG, what nice goodies. I love that Ritz bag and the clutch.