Pics!! New Chanel Belt!....yummy!!!lol!

  1. [​IMG][​IMG]:heart: :heart: Im in lust with this was 725-OUCH..but worth every HOT on!!
  2. Lovely choice!!
  3. Very nice!
  4. Yummy indeed!!!:love:
  5. Yea Jill! Finally getting you in here!:choochoo:


    That belt IS hot! LOVE IT!

    Post a pic of you wearing it if you get a chance!:yes:
  6. ^LOL! SWANKY!!
    Im wearing a babydoll style top today..belt would look like POO with it..LOL..will post pics wearing it tomorrow!They have this belt with the CC's in patent at NM case you like it..Im not into patent..I got the all leather one...
  7. LOVE the belt
  8. I've seen the black and white one and another one (forget the colors) at Saks... its CAMBON right????
  9. No clue what the belt is called.....LOL...Just fell in love with it..The SA at NM didnt evenput it in the right Chanel belt I dont know what its called.It looks cambon...?:shrugs: !!!
  10. cute!!
  11. congrats on your new belt, jill!
  12. Very cute Jill! Congrats
  13. Beautiful Jill! Congrats!
  14. that is GORGEOUS!! :love: i remember staring longingly at that in the :smile:
  15. Very nice. Congrats.