PICS - new additions to the family, lots of blue!

  1. first, scored this on eBay for a great price (around $1375 i believe?) the threads are metallic and it's the softest nicest grey blue i've seen... also, the straps are longish which is really nice.

    more to come.
    83050916_o.jpg 83050951_o.jpg 83050984_o.jpg
  2. secondly, i was lucky enough to get this blue gradient diamond shine tote from hirshleifer's for 40% off!!! I believe the final price was around $1400 or so... i love the zipper compartment in the middle that holds all the valuables. the straps are on the short side but still fit over the shoulder if need be (without a coat). the color is probably what i love most...

    also got the "jessica alba" soft and chain large flap in blue (i love blue, to me it's the new black :smile: unfortunately not at a discounted price but that's OK. i don't mind the bag being heavier than most since I used to have a lot of chloe and marc jacobs.

    also got a very large bronze cabas on eBay, pre-owned but in good condition... this bag is pretty huge (22" wide i believe?) but great for weekends...
    IMG_7830.JPG IMG_7828.JPG ee58_3.JPG IMG_7829.JPG
  3. Wow I am blue with envy...great bags.
  4. from left to right:
    i got the beige expandable tote on eBay too (couldn't resist, also a great deal but honestly not really my style, and i don't like the fact that the top doesn't close).

    and here are some oldies but goodies... my dark silver reissue (226).

    grey lambskin (gris fonce) jumbo flap with new chain.

    my first bag that started it all, the pocket in the city tote in black.

    and a black caviar jumbo flap (silver hardware).

    that's it (for now :smile:
    IMG_7832.JPG IMG_7837.JPG IMG_7839.JPG IMG_7842.JPG IMG_7841.JPG
  5. oh wow! You've amassed quite a collection!
    Don't forget to add those babies to the Reference LIbrary! :biggrin:
  6. You have a lot of nice and unusual pieces. love 'em!
  7. will do now :biggrin: thanks for the reminder (unfortunately I have a lot more to add from previous posts)...
  8. What a is beautiful:heart:H
  9. Wow! LOVE the blue bags, and the beige expandable tote. Gorgeous collection. Thanks for sharing!

    I completely agree that blue is the new black! I'm trying to add more blue to my tote collection as well.
  10. i love your collection, especially all the blues! that jessica alba bag is gorgeous and that tote too.. :drool: can you post modeling pictures? :smile:
  11. Wow! Great bags!!:love:
  12. that first ebay bay is sooo pretty, never seen this one all the other bags too.
  13. **THUD**

    My jaw just DROPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WOW WOW WOW!!!!!
    I so want that grey soft chain.....ummm...all of them!LOL!
  14. What a gorgeous family!
    I love your blues - stunning and the Alba bag is TDF!!

    please please throw us some candy! Post modeling pics :smile:
  15. All that blue :drool: :drool: