*PICS* New 35cm Bleu Jean Birkin

  1. I know we have had a lot of Bleu Jean reveals lately, but I just had to show you all mine. She is beautiful!!!
    Since I named my Rouge Garrance Birkin Scarlet, I thought I would kinda keep the "Gone With The Wind" theme going. I am a Southern Gal after all:smile:
    So this is Bonnie Bleu. Scarlet and Rhett's daughters nick name was Bonnie Blue:yes:.

    35cm Bleu Jean/Togo/Palladium

    There is something to be said for having a Blue Christmas......:p
    HermesBirkinBleuJean1.jpg HermesBirkinBleuJean2.jpg HermesBirkinBleuJeab100_1148 (2).jpg
  2. WOOOO.....I'm the first to say congratulations!!!!!

    She isBeautiful!!!!

    Wear her in Good health and happiness!!!!

    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!:heart:
  3. WOW! Congrats, Penny! Bonnie is a beauty for sure!
  4. Penny, yet another gorgeous piece! CONGRATULATIONS!!!:yahoo: Wear her in the best of health, dear friend!:heart:
  5. Thanks M!!
    I really am enjoying the color and the bag!:love:
  6. Thanks Cyn!!:flowers:
  7. Thank you Irene, you are such a sweetie!:heart:
    All those pics of A-List celebrities carrying the BJ Birkin finally got the best of me!!:lol:
  8. Oh, how stunning!!! Congratulations and best wishes!!!
  9. She is gorgeous! Congratulations!!!
  10. That is a beauty and sure to make you smile this Christmas!
  11. Wow, she's lovely, congratulations and I love the rainbow of colours insdie her.
  12. Penny, it's a wonderful bag! So happy! And I love the rainbow of colours inside your bag!
    Congratulations and wear her in great health!
  13. BLUE JEAN baby!!!! GORGY!!!!

    I Love her! Congrats!!!!:yahoo: WOW!!!

    Yes...I WANT what you have inside your bag! LOL!
  14. Kallie Girl, all about bags, Kellybag,allaboutnice,hello & ghost~~~

    Thank you all for the sweet comments!! You girls are the best!!
  15. OMG I just took another look at the 'rainbow' pic--OMG it's awesome. But, I have to ask....how many wallets does one girl need?? :lol: :lol: