*pics* New 05 Bordeaux Twiggy - Hurray!

  1. :yahoo::yahoo:

    Just wanted to share... I know most of you have probably seen this lil twiggy before - but I wanted to post the family together with my *new-to-me* Bordeaux Twiggy!! I :heart: the color... I think it fits pretty well what I was wanting (something in the red family - but not TOO red since I hardly wear any colors other then blue!!), also - I'm hoping the Twiggy will fill the need of those times when a First is just "too small", but a City seems "too big"!!

    A big THANK YOU to LenaBean!! You're awesome!! :heart:

    Pics provided (hopefully) in a slide show, because I didn't have time to resize... I'm supposed to be working on a project for class tonight - Whoops. For those that are debating between Bordeaux/Grenat... go Bordeaux for sure if you're wanting a rich color, more jewel toned! Now, after seeing them IRL, I think Bordeaux has that "wine" jewel color feel I was going for... ;)

  2. What a gorgeous yummy twiggy!!!!!!!:heart::drool::heart: It's TDF!!!! Love it!!!! Congrats and enjoy! She makes the perfect addition to your beautiful collection!!!!:love::love::love:
  3. great bag - i just love that 05 leather!! congrats :tup:
  4. Nice bag and nice collection!
  5. oh wow I love it! Thanks for all the pix of your family - she's the perfect color addition, nice range now :yes: Beautiful! I was just considering a bordeaux twiggy myself - bad bad bad! :tup:
  6. Lovely twiggy and full collection.
  7. YEAH!!!:tup: I'm SO happy for you...I know you've been looking for a Grenat/Bordeaux bag for a LONG time! It's BEAUTIFUL!:cutesy:
  8. Congrats, it is gorgeous! Glad you finally got a Bordeaux! I know you have been looking for one for awhile. ;) How do you like the Twiggy style?? I really need to try out the Twiggy.
  9. oooh! I love it! I wanted that bag so badly - you are so lucky to get that. Enjoy!
  10. Gorgeous! I love 05 leather. Congrats on a beautiful bag!
  11. :roflmfao: LOL... yes, I have been trying to decide for some time... but I finally decided just to take a chance on Bordeaux... which I was trying to get something close to the color family of some of my favorite *non-blue* shirts!! Which when I compared them, they were more wine/brown, which should work out well!!

    Thanks for all of the comments ladies!! :love: I am hoping the size works out well... And like Fred&Ginger mentioned... I kind of have this sense of "contentment" with my collection now!! :yahoo:Which is exciting!! I :heart: the blues, but its nice to have a color to switch it up.

    kirsten - I think I'm going to like the twiggy style, but I'll have to see after a few weeks when hopefully its had some use! I was looking for something inbetween a First & City, since sometimes they just don't seem like the right size... So the Twiggy seemed like the natural choice to try!
  12. Waaa, I can't see your pictures! :crybaby:

    Enjoy your new bag!!!
  13. congrats!
  14. I can't either! I've tried all day to see this bag! Thought I was the only one! Maybe someone can make it appear in line??:confused1:
  15. Nice collection :smile: