*PICS* My very first Balenciaga!!

  1. I got my first Balenciaga last week – a beautiful Sapin Part-time!! The leather is incredible - smooth, thick and smooshy. The color is amazing - so rich and multidimensional. I love how Sapin can look bright and cheerful from one angle yet darker and conservative from another angle. The Part-time is just the right size for me. It’s roomy and can hold a lot, but because the leather is so soft, it can squish up against me so it’s not too bulky. The shoulder strap is a great length and makes it easy to carry if I want to have my hands free. I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last Balenciaga. Since I can’t get to the BalNY store (I have a young infant who I’m not taking out in the winter weather), and I am eBay-challenged, I was lucky enough to learn about Sabine’s Boutique on tPF. It’s so hard to find a legit seller of new Bbags online. I am PayPal-challenged too, so Diabro doesn’t work for me either (I’m not faxing my bank statements to prove that my credit card belongs to me, so sorry). Thankfully, Sabine was able to hook me up. The customer service was great too! Woo hoo!! I’m a happy new member of the Bbag club!
    brighter.jpg darker.jpg smooth_leather.jpg on_arm.jpg on_shoulder.jpg
  2. Congrats, cheetos! That Part-time looks incredible on you... I have a Sapin Twiggy myself, and really love the leather on it. Plus, the color's a bit of a chameleon, much like Ink, and apparently Anthracite, that I'd consider it very neutral.

    Enjoy your Bbag! :yahoo:
  3. Oh, I LOVE that sapin colour! Congratulations; it's a beauty!
  4. Welcome to the Bbag (and Part-Time!) Club!. Congratulations! ;)
  5. Sapin is very delicious!!! Looks good on you cheeto!!!! Great choice!:yahoo:
  6. Sapin has the most consistent gorgeous leather!! I regret selling mine on eBay.:shrugs:

    Congrats!!!! :yahoo:
  7. stunning, i love this bag.
  8. :yahoo: Congratulations:yahoo:

    Your Sapin Part Time looks beautiful. The leather looks amazing.

    I have a Sapin Twiggy and Work, so I am a big fan of that colour!:graucho:
  9. Congrats !!!!!!
    I love your Sapin !!!!!!!!!
    And the leather looks very great on this one !!!
  10. Really nice colour, I like that shape too
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Love the colour, looks great on you congrats!!
  13. Beautiful bag!!! Love the color and it looks great on you! Congrats!!
  14. :nuts: Gorgeous!!!

    I am thinking more and more that I really NEED a part-time!!! :yes: Thanks for the pics wearing it, that really helped!!!
  15. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Congrats on such a gorgeous color. The bag looks great on you.