Pics! My Red Lambskin Classic Flap with new chain

  1. It actually arrives on Friday :yahoo: . I didn't have time over the weekend to post the pictures but here they are! I love it. I love the new chain. I use it right away after I received it :p



  2. oh wow! thanks for sharing! what a gorgeous red!! I love everything on this!! the chain! ahhh! so pretty!!
  3. Ack!:nuts: It's GORGEOUS! Beautiful pictures, btw.
  4. Hope you receive yours soon! ;) and thanks for the compliments! :yes: I know some of the girls here are unsure about the RED so I was trying hard to do a good job here, trying to get the closest color as possible!
  5. OMG it's so hot hot hot hooooot :drool: :wtf: :nuts: :nuts: :tender:

    congratulations .... :love:
  6. it's so pretty!! congrats on a gorgeous bag!!!
  7. [​IMG]

    Here's a picture of me carrying it! :smile:

    Thanks Everyone!
  8. OMG, it is GORGEOUS!!!!!! These pics have convinced me that I need one!
  9. Hot!!!!
  10. wow what a beautiful color!
    congratulations on your amazing purchase!
  11. Thanks girls! :flowers:
  12. i love the color.......
  13. Missyiovely, you captured the color of the bag very nice! Enjoy! I'm take my baby out tomorow!

    I also note your bag with the original Chanel tag has the price area torn off like mine! On mine, I also have the BG price tag attached to the bag too. Could it be BG is concealing the actual price of the bag????
  14. OMG!! the color is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! :nuts::nuts::nuts:
  15. Yeah I have the BG price tag attached separately from the Chanel tag as well. I guess the same package as yours too. But I don't get it why they need to do that if that's true coz I am pretty sure the Waiting list for this bag is long. hmmm weird but its all good! No tax! :yahoo: