PICS! My PCE Loot!!! It's all about ERGO!!

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  1. I finally received my last PCE item. Everything I purchased is ERGO!!! I can't say how much I love
    all of my PCE purchases. ;)

    The items I purchased were:

    Ergo Vintage Vachetta Leather Tote No. 11011
    Ergo Large Turquoise Hobo No. 10741
    Ergo White Hobo No. 10740
    Ergo Camel Cross Body No. 10746

    I might exchange the white hobo later as it is a bit small for me, but I am going to wait until May or June to do so as I want to see what new products Coach is coming out with first.
    IMG_0588_1.jpg IMG_0591_1.jpg IMG_0592_1.jpg IMG_0593_1.jpg IMG_0594_1.jpg
  2. there all so cute....
  3. Lovely! I didn't know that there was a vintage vachetta leather and a camel. The vintage vachetta looks darker, correct?
  4. So cute! I love the Turquoise!

  5. MandB:

    The Ergo Tote I got is the one in the link below.
    It is the Ergo Vintage Tote- it is in vachetta leather
    which means the leather will darken as I use it more and
    more. It will develop a patina which will make it resistant to dirt and stains. I can't wait to see what it will look like when it gets the patina. Coach said it will look like the color of honey.

  6. Wow... NIce. :smile: I didn't even know they made the cross body tote... looks cool.
  7. Love [​IMG] CONGRATS!!!
  8. holy ergo batman!! hehe :nuts:
  9. Thanks alot you guys! I really love the Ergo collection.
    I think that I am done for Spring though. I most likely wait until the fall to get a new bag as I did alot of damage!!!
  10. wow great choices!!!!
  11. I didn't realize there was a crossbody either!! Beautiful! Is it lighter than the hippie?
  12. kidlearner:

    The Ergo Cross Body is lighter than the Legacy Hippie.
    It also has a zip closure. I love it and plan to use it on weekends. In general I am finding all my Ergo Bags to be light in weight.

  13. WOAH MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you bought the whole ergo line!!! :smile: i love them all greatttt pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

    can i see the HUGE GIANT XL ONE on you?? :smile: if you dont mind hehe i want an idea how giant it really is!!

  14. Very nice!!
  15. Okay lady you take the Cake! Stellar!