*PICS* My new loves...resistance is futile.

  1. Hi everyone! I really tried to be good and not give in to temptation this season and made it for a little while, but....last week I had some weak moments.:p BUT, am I ever so thrilled with the results! lol I am absolutely head over heals in love with my new Chanels. They are the dark beige Bubble Quilt and the dark grey Lady Braid.

    I originally got the red LB and while it's beautiful, it wasn't the one, I knew I had to see the dark grey and it was instant love. It's gorgeous, the silver hardware just pops against the grey, the leather is beautiful and textured and so durable which is perfect. It's also darker than I imagined which I love.:wlae:

    Then today I got my khaki Bubble Quilt. Oh my...:tender::heart: This bag has surprisingly stolen my heart. Most if not all my bags have silver or muted silver hardware. Well that is until NOW!:nuts: I love this bag!! The muted gold hardware is perfect, the khaki color is a perfect neutral and a great alternative to brown. The color is very dimensional which I love and wasn't expecting. It's as soft as a pillow...and I just love it so much more than I thought I would. I am so happy. :yes:

    Anyone on the fence on either of these bags, ask any questions as I am happy to elaborate...haha.

    I hope you all can see these pics. I never post them because I am not knowing..... not on my computer, it died.
    tmpphpzK2pdL.jpg tmpphpHj6gIz.jpg tmpphp6EBXOh.jpg tmpphp6hmAWr.jpg
  2. Do you mind me asking -is that the large bubble quilt and what the price was? I hav been toying with the idea of snagging one...soon....
  3. Love the bubble quilt!! It looks so smoossshyyyy and soft!!
  4. they're both stunners but the lady braid especially steals my heart. what a beautiful color!! and such lush leather :love:
  5. All I can say is...
  6. Not at all.... If memory serves me, $2575. It is the zip top satchel or also called bowler.

    If you are considering this bag, you should do it. I never really considered this one until one day another posters pics just caught my heart. I love that it fits over the shoulder too! I really love it.
  7. congrats on your new love! i especially love the lady braid
  8. Wowwww... so beautiful and classic. Gorgeous purchases, Bella!
  9. OMG...:drool: I can't even tell you.... For me, it just gives me a whole different feeling inside than the red. That warm and fuzzy, cut off the tag immediately feeling. I am in love with this bag.:heart:
  10. GORGEOUS!!! Especially love the grey colour...soooo pretty!!!

  11. Thank you ladies!
  12. Thanks TTucker!;)
  13. Lucky lady - they are wonderful, enjoy your new babies!
  14. love the dark grey lb!! :drool:
  15. WOW!! Both are beautiful bags. I too have the dark beige bubble quilt bowler and love it. And the LB is so pretty in gray.