PICS - My New Earrings

  1. [​IMG]


  2. :smile:

    Hi Smooth, LOL!!

    WOW!! Those are very pretty. How heavy are they?
  3. Nice! Rhinestones?
  4. Wow, those are stunning! Congrats!
  5. Hey il*bacio :lol: THANKS!:nuts:
  6. wow those are brilliant, hats off to you!! great choice, i've seen everyone get the studs, but these have a sense of pizazz to them, especially with that emerald colour.. uh oh.. i think im in trouble now!!
  7. Yes, costume jewelry.:yes:
  8. Very nice!:yes:
  9. They are not green at all, they are what I would call caviar grey. I think they may look green because of the lighting.

    I also have the studs.
  10. Smooth,
    They are outstanding. Do you wear your studs durning the day or just for a night out? What about these day or night? Really beautiful.
  11. Pretty :smile:
  12. very nice.
  13. those are gorgeous i want a pair. Were there any other colors??? If u don't mind me asking how much were they
  14. Freaking gorgy. I love the extra bling to them. The look fab on you and you have such nice ears. Congrats on such a lovely buy, Smooth.
  15. So cute!!
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