*PICS* my new Dogon Wallet & GM Agenda

  1. Dogon Combined Wallet - Graphite/BleuJean - Veau Rodeo - $1325.00 USD

    GM Agenda - Etoupe/Rose Shocking - Goat Skin - $345.00 USD
    HermesAgenda.jpg HermesAgenda1.jpg hermesdogonwalletgraphitebj3 (2).jpg hermesdogonwalletgraphitebj2 (2).jpg hermesdogonwalletgraphitebj (2).jpg
  2. Beautiful goodies Penny! I love the dual tone on both---just gorgeous!
  3. I love your dogon wallet color combination:drool::drool::heart: Congrats Penny on your new things. They are lovely
  4. oh you got such great color combos! woohoo!
  5. Just thought I add a pic of my JPG Birkin after 3 months of carrying it. Since it is Clemence it is beginning to get the "floppy look" :smile:
    Also a "H Accessories Rainbow" pic.
    hermesjpgbirkinebeneclemence (2).jpg HermesAccessoriesRainbow1.jpg
  6. Penny, these are FAB! Love your H rainbow!
  7. PennyD - OMG, you have been shopping, haven't you??? :graucho:Love all of them ; ):heart:

  8. Thanks girls!!!!:flowers: I love the combo on the Dogon:drool:
  9. oooooooooooooh so puuuurrrrrrty!!!!!!!! congrats!!!!
  10. [​IMG]


    Your Dogon and your agenda are stunning, along with EVERYTHING ELSE!!!

    Congrats, and keep on shopping!
  11. Congrats on your new H goodies! Love the color.
  12. WOW! so beautiful, so colourful ... and the new bi-colour ones are tdf!

  13. Stunning! Love it!
  14. Thanks everyone!!!!:flowers:

  15. Thank you - you girls are too sweet!!!!:cutesy: