*pics* my new dior d'trick!!! what to wear with it!

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    (The last pic was taken from the Dior Outlet Thread)

    I believe it's from the dior outlet, the tag says $1570....thats just the retail price, correct? :push: ah,I hope so....

    also, the bag is designed in a way that it cannot be worn messenger style...so I had to do a makeshift-messenger style and it seems to work if I stuff that small white Dior band inside the bag so itll connect to the side.. if its hard to understand then Ill take pics if you want

    but..would you think this bag is too formal for say, a day out..with jeans or shorts (paired w pretty heels)
    do you think its too informal to wear with a black jersey dress+nice shoes (pumps, heels, other dress shoes) for a fancy dinner, opera, awards event, etc...(these r the times i wish i had the chanel flap instead :sad:)

    what would be a nice ensemble?
    what would u wear with it?

  2. The bag is gorgeous and what a great guy you have there...

    I love the hanging D in the little pocket.

    Is the handle detachable - can you use it like a clutch bag?
  3. It's gorgeous, you lucky girl.

    I think it would be more of an evening bag only due to the pearls otherwise I would use it anytime :graucho:

    I use my pink d'trick during the day but it's not as dressy as this bag.
  4. wow gorgeous!:smile:

    i think the metal part that says dior is a choker, and you somehow put it around ur neck and put it over the shoulder.
    i remeber seeing someone carrying the exact same bag in the way i described. i will try to search for pics
  5. Some pics would be good.

    I have this picture in my mind of someone walking down the street and their face turning blue from strangulation :lol:
  6. pics:smile:
  7. more pics:smile:
  8. Oh my god so that how you wear that bag ... great pics susu
  9. wow you lucky lady!!!
    beautiful bag
  10. That bag is so gorgeous.

    You could definitely use the bag with a day time outfit, I think it would look really pretty with a girly blouse, jeans and heels, and it's definitely formal enough for the opera and other events.

    I've got a few D'tricks, I use them with various styles of outfits, they're a very versatile bag.

    Enjoy your new bag. :smile:
  11. Lovely bag.
  12. wow, really gorgeous, congrats!! :biggrin:
  13. congrats!! this bag is really sweet and yet elegant

    I believe it can go very well with jeans with heels. It definitely can go very well with dresses. you are a lucky lady! :smile:
  14. Thanks so much for the compliments you guys!!!!!

    Susu...thanx for those pics...I love park ji yoon too!!! hehehe
    but...I dont think I can pull off that look. I know the bag is meant to be worn like that but I tried it and it looks so awkward on me :hrmm:

    ^Since it looks weird if I wear it like that..this is what I was talking about, the makeshift-messenger style:

    You can see the white part sticking out at the end of the strap,where it connects to the purse...>_<...also it coudl fall out if the bag is opened :sad:

    I may just take the pearl strand off completely and just carry it as a clutch...hmm....donno yet!
  15. Congrats!