**Pics** My New Chanel Flats!

  1. So I exchanged the black/tan ballet flats for these - the ballets, although I LOVED them, were just too narrow for my Fred Flinstone feet :p - sooo... what do you guys think of these???

  2. [​IMG]
  3. Ooooooh!! I love them.

    LOL on the Fred Flintstone feet. I hear ya girl. Although, yours do not look as big as mine. LOL

    Congrats they're lovely.
  4. So Cute!
  5. Thanks you guys!

    They don't look too "grannyish" ???
  6. My granny never wore anything as chic as those ;)
  7. Love those! Your feet don't look big at all. :smile:
  8. They look great!! You don't look like you have Fred Flintstone Feet! :roflmfao:

    Everyone, including manolo and louboutin, are showing flats this year. So wear them in style!! I prefer the wedges (since I'm so short). But I did get a few flats for summer. No Chanel though - yet.
  9. That's very nice!
  10. they are oooo cute! even your lil puppy likes them!

  11. Thanks! Yes, Sammi Boxer was lovin my new flats! LOL!
  12. nice love them
  13. Love these. I have off tomorrow and I am going to look for some flats.
  14. Here is a close up of the CC logo on the patent toe

  15. love them! :love: and if you do have fred flintstone feet than buy more bc these cuties make your feet look very slim....:biggrin: