**PICS** My new blueberry spy and matching blueberry heels! **PICS**

  1. They are finally here! :yahoo: And I absolutely love them. Thank goodness for consistant shoe sizing, the heels fit perfectly! :sweatdrop: Though they are cutting into me on the right side of my right foot that is to be expected. Hairdryer will fix that! :yes:

    Was so excited I took them out to the shopping centre to get some matching pants and a couple of basic navy woolens for winter. The colour of the blueberry is TDF, I can hardly describe it. The colour is so dark yet rich and in bright light it is a stunning electric blue. I couldn't have chosen a better colour. And apparently it was the last one in all of Australia! (well there are only 3 Fendi boutiques in Aust, so no big deal :p)

    Enjoy the pics!


    Did I mention how comfy the matching heels are? They just mould to your feet, they are absolutely lovely and if any of you ladies come across them I highly recommend that you get them, you don't regret it!


    And here is a picture of the bubbles... so so SO beautiful...


    I am so happy!!! I can't stop looking at them and everytime I walk into my room I just smile...
  2. Beautiful shoes and a Beautiful bag - congratulations!

  3. lovely--congrats!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. so pretty, congrats!!
  6. Ah congrats very pretty yeah you:yes:
  7. Wow, the bag & shoes are gorgeous
  8. Congrats luv this bag im actually planning on getting it in a baby spy version.
  9. Beautiful bag and shoes. I found these shoes so comfortable and sooooooooo love the way the T-bar matches the handles on the spys. You will look stunning wearing them
  10. It actually looks almost black on my screen. You should take some picsinthe sunlight or using the flash maybe.
  11. WOW! LOVE LOVE LOVE the blueberry spy.. it was between the blueberry and grey for me. You certainly have good taste :nuts: Congrats hun!!!
  12. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:Congrats on a fantastic combo!!! They really are TDF!!! I think I need those shoes to go with my blueberry!! Doh!!
  13. Sooooo Pretty! Congrats! :wlae::yahoo::wlae:
  14. both are TDF! congrats!
  15. Love it! I want those shoes now! It's weird how your bag looks different from mine...lol