*PICS!* My latest purchases- CHANEL Thongs & Bangle

  1. Black Lambskin Thong Sandals- super comfortable!:yes:


    Black Resin/Crystal bangle bracelet- LOVE IT!:love:
  2. wowza~ :nuts:
  3. Gorgeous!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
  4. The thong sandals are fab!! I love the bracelet,too! Congrats!
  5. oooooh gorgeous! i LOVEEEEE the bracelet! id LOVE the pink ring to match it!
  6. :heart: :heart: the bangle and the thongs!
  7. Congrats on your gorgeous purchases!
  8. Great thongs, and love the bangle. It looks like they will look so good worn together (or by themselves).
  9. verah nice!!:nice:
  10. Love the bracelet- congrats!
  11. Great purchases. I love the bracelet.:heart:
  12. beautiful purchases!! lovee the bracelet
  13. Love both the thongs and the bracelet! How exciting!
  14. Thanks ladies! I was so excited to wear the bangle (and the thongs!) today.
    I want more bangles already lol!:nuts:
  15. Gorgeous! Love them both. I almost bought that same bangle but I'm trying to be good!