*PICS!* My GORGEOUS new Rock & Chain flap bag!

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  1. Behold my new Rock & Chain flap bag in black calfskin. :p

    This is what I got to replace the defective baby coco cabas that I sent back.
    The cabas was OK, but this is just LOVE! :heart: :love:
    I just didn't feel the same 'oh, now this is a gorgeous bag' with the cabas.

    The calfskin is sooo buttery soft and I just love the chain strap- it is not heavy on the shoulder and does not slip off- very comfortable.

    I took a pic of the inside too which has a satin-y metallic silver lining that has a gorgeous sheen to it because I know some ladies were wondering what the inside looked like. :yes: It has a cellphone pocket, one patch pocket and a zipped pocket.

    This is the large size which costs $1975




  2. beautiful!!! :love: :love: congratz!! :party:

    Any modelling pics? :yes:
  3. OHHHH this is gorgeous! congrats
  4. congratz!!!!
  5. Wow! Its gorgeous. I love the chain strap. Congrats!
  6. Beautiful- Congratulations!
  7. Love it! One of my favorites!
  8. so beautiful!
  9. pretty bag!
  10. Love it! I picked up the same bag yesterday. It's such a simple bag but the shoulder strap makes it stand out.
  11. It's gorgeous. Congrats!
  12. Really nice - enjoy!
  13. I love this bag, the leather looks amazing... congratulations!! :smile:
  14. congrats! It's very pretty!
  15. Great choice!!! Congrats!!!