Pics - My First MJ - opinions??

  1. I paid $498 for this Marc by Marc Jacobs. What do you think of this bag, honestly? I am not yet in the habit of paying $1300+ for a bag. I have mostly Coach, but also have a Kate Spade, 2 Kenneth Cole, a few of the higher end leather Doonies... This is my first post to the MJ board.
    IMG_2222.jpg0001.JPG IMG_2222.jpg0002.JPG IMG_2222.jpg0003.JPG marc.jpg
  2. I think it's gorgeous! Honestly, it's a really beautiful bag and the color is stunning.
  3. I love the Dr. Q Groovee. Congrats on your first MJ purchase :smile:
  4. I think the Dr. Groovee bag is very pretty. It's a big favorite on this forum. I think you bought a winner. Congrats!:tup:
  5. nice bag....congrats!
  6. Beautiful color!! Great deal!!
  7. I love this bag too. Its beautiful, I love the color too
  8. Great choice...really cute!
  9. It's lovely! Congrats!
  10. Whew! I have liked MJ for awhile now but they were too heavy - I don't really care for the chains, priced a little more than I wanted to pay ($1300+), and a little too delicate for how I used my bags. When I saw this one it was perfect for me, but I was not sure what a MJ conoisseur's opinion would be...not that anyone else's opinion matters except my own, but I wanted to be sure I got a nice bag and I appreciate the opinion of others who are savvy. I like your MJ forum here - thanks for having me!
  11. I love that bag. What color is the Dr. Q Groovee in? I can't tell if that's Bordeaux from the photos.
  12. The one I have is chocolate. It also comes in "nice tan" and bordeaux, but I haven't found anyone who sells the bordeaux.
  13. The bag is absolutely adorable! It's so cute! The prices are a bit of an adjustment, but think, you are getting a gorgeous bag with even more gorgeous leather!
  14. It is lovely, you will find if you shop around you can get the MJ line a little less than full price. I am carrying a 2006 bag but I paid less that half for it new!!:supacool:But your bag is stunning!! :drool: i love it
  15. It is a very cute bag and I am sure you will find it very very comfy and roomy. Congratulations!!!

    Great collection by the way :tup: