(Pics) My Favorite of them all! Presenting the Soana Cabas in Marron

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  1. I was in the store today trying to look and track for some of the old LE Men's Bag when my SA informed me that they have some new bags from the SS/08 LE bags!

    As soon as I lay my eyes on this beauty... it was LVoe at first sight:heart: :shame: LOL... I totally forgot about the old LE pieces I was looking for and immediately decided right then and there that I was going to get it! :tup: No hesitations.... as if everything just felt right about the bag, LOL!

    I fell in love immediately with the Soana Leather.... it's just so yummy and the color oh so rick dark brown like a chocolate:drool:... sooo supple, with some shine adn the cool distrissing effect which was hand-applied according to the booklet... the smell is just addictive that i sniff it from time to time LOL:p... There are also nice details like the 'V' stitch running thorugh the back and front of the back, the small "Louis Vuitton" metal plate in the front, a "Louis Vuitton" metal plate inside, antique finish brass (which is just perfect because no worries of hardware tarninsh), and the lovely Damier Ebene Lining in Silk(or some very smooth material which according to the booklet that came with it is the same textile that was used in the clothes on the runway collection and is protected with anti-stain treament).

    Also, my SA informed me that there's only one piece that came to the store ( good thing it came in the color that i prefer for this model... whereas I prefer the Gris in the Soana Trottuer), and actually, it is the only store in the whole country... which means that I was the first and probably the only one to have it :graucho:(unless they get further shipments). Aside from that, I got a little surprise in my shopping bag, that I discovered when I started upacking the bag as soon as I got home, when my great and thoughtful SA slid in a SS2008 mens catalogue.

    I also saw the Soana Trottuer... in both colors (marron and gris) and they are also equally lovely:yes:... I opted to buy the Cabas first as I already had a similar Trottuer style Bottega Veneta Interatccio Messenger in Ebano... but am still planning to buy the Soana Trottuer in Gris... I hope they are still there when I plan to get back towards the end of Feb.

    Oh the joys of unexpected surprises... can't wait to buy my next LE :nuts:
    Soana Cabas Marron front.JPG Soana Cabas Marron back.JPG Soana Cabas Marron side.JPG Soana Cabas Marron inside.JPG
  2. It's beautifual.
  3. wow, congrats!
  4. Congrats! Such a rich color!!
  5. beautiful~! Congrats!
  6. Nice!! Congrats!
  7. Congrats on your LE bag!!
  8. Congrats!!! I would like to sniff that leather too, hehe. Maybe, you know price of Soana Trotteur?? TIA
  9. yay congrats!
  10. Beautiful! I love the lining pattern too.
  11. Gorgeous bag, the leather looks so rich! Congrats!
  12. Gorgeous bag
  13. congrats!