PICS...My Botkier Sasha bag from the Purse Forum !!!

  1. So here it is :yahoo:I TOTALLY LOVE it. It is perfect. It is big, soft, smooshy, the most devine leather I ever smelled. I was afraid it would be too big, but it's not. It slouches perfectly. I LOVE THIS BAG, I also got an "autographed" card from Vlad and Megs.
    I'm soooo happy, I love this forum. Here are the modeling shots you guys asked for.
    And another thing, the bag is sooo versatile, it could be a weekender duffle, or hobo because of the short shoulder strap that is removable. And the hardware is soo gorgeous. The bag is light also. Not heavy at all when you carry it. I have the perfect bag. I took it out today for the first time. I picked it up from the post office, while I was at work and I didn't want to leave it in my truck, everyone at work was admiring it, even the guys, they were like you WON THAT??? WOW The purse forum Rocks:tpfrox:



  2. AWESOME!!! You look fantastic!!!:tup:
  3. So cute! It looks great on you.
  4. You look great. Congrats again on the bag.
  5. Gorgeous bag! Love it! Enjoy!
  6. Wow....looks fab, great bag!
    Enjoy and congrats!
  7. Wow, you got it! Congratulations! It looks great on you!
  8. This definitely makes me want to buy one. Love the photos of it on you. Do you think it can comfortably hold lots of stuff so as to be used as a work bag?

    Do you think it can hold a laptop?
  9. Hot bag! It looks so buttery, and I love the versatility.

    Congrats on your win!
  10. Yes it can definatly hold a laptop, it is very roomy. It's measurements are 17in wide 5 1/2 inches deep 16 1/2 inches tall. And it has the handles to carry it as a duffle. Then when you take your laptop out throw the shoulder strap on now you can go to dinner :nuts:
  11. Wow congrats. What a gorgeous bag!!
  12. How awesome, congrats!! I have this bag and it is fantastic, but more importantly it could not have gone to a more appreciative winner, thanks for posting and sharing with us. Enjoy!
  13. It looks great, congratulations!
  14. It's a gorgeous bag! Congratulations on winning it!
  15. It looks fantastic! I'm so jealous!