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  1. Ok- So I finally took some pictures of my new Matinee. I will post these in the "Matinee" thread later on as well but here she is!!

    The leather is amazingly rich and soft.. I can't get enough!!:yahoo:

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  2. :amazed:
    I am amazed...nice! Now I want one too...
  3. Beautiful. Great pics
  4. and a few more..

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  5. Looks great on you!
  6. Oh, it looks so gorgeous! You and your bag make a beautiful pair. It makes me want to get the night matinee...

    Thanks for sharing your pics! :flowers:
  7. CONGRATS..that looks great on you!!
  8. It's perfect for you! Thanks for posting so many modelling shots.
  9. thank you girls : ) I am very pleased with my purchase!
  10. Wow littlerock! you and your bag look hot!!! thanks for posting pics! It really does make me want to get a night matinee as well.... :nuts:
  11. You should submit your pics to the Maven for the What's in Your Bag feature.
  12. Cayce.Pollard- Where is that thread? I couldn't find it.. What is it about? Curious. Thank you!
  13. Great Pics! Looks fabulous on you! Congrats!
  14. I just bumped it for you!
  15. I just emailed "Codi" ! How exciting.. I'm sure they have a ton of pics to go through but it's fun to wait and see...!

    Thank you!