*PICS!* My 1st Chanel...and GLASSES!!!!

  1. Hi everyone! I received my petit shopper last night...It is perfect! (for now!!) It is one that has been on my list but the price increase forced me to take the plunge sooner than I had planned...Thanx to everyone that answered my questions....!!! You all are sweet!! I also went for an eye exam last week and came out w/ Chanel glasses! LOVE them too!! First pics of bag..!!!!

    (BTW we all know I am NOT a photographer!!) :heart: Emmy
    CHANEL 001.jpg CHANEL 005.jpg CHANEL 008.jpg CHANEL 011.jpg
  2. Now..pics of the frames!!!
    CHANEL 014 (2).jpg CHANEL 016 (2).jpg CHANEL 017 (2).jpg CHANEL 027 (2).jpg
  3. Those glasses are hot!!! Congrats.
  4. congrats, nice glasses and I love the petit shopper! :love: I want a beige one too!
  5. LOOOVE the Glasses! So sexy! :flowers::flowers:
    You are so tall! The PST looks awesome on you. I almost went home with that one but ended up w/ the med beige caviar flap.
    Congrats!!! ;)
  6. Emmy, Congrats on your new bag, it fits you so well, and the beige is a perfect color.

    I love the glasses. I really wanted a pair, but my Dr. Office does not carry them, so I got some Miu Miu's. The Miu Miu's are cute, but really wanted those Chanels.
  7. You crack me up..I look TALL??!! Well I do have heels on..I'm 5'4" stocking feet but I'm ALWAYS in heels!!! Funny you have the beige flap...I almost bought THAT one!!! **sigh** Guess this isn't going to be over too soon is it!?!? Thanx for the compliments!!!! :heart: Emmy
  8. When I get home I take off my contacts and put on my glasses. I never considered Chanel frames. Hm...I might need to.:yes: Yours are very nice and very flattering on you.
  9. Congrats on your first chanel Emmy!!!! It looks great on you and so do your new glasses, i really love them!!! If you don't mind me asking, how much were the frames?
  10. I love those glasses! Congrats on them & your tote!
  11. Love them both, Emmy, and the glasses look fabulous on you. I got a pair of prescription Chanel sunnies a couple of months ago, and I've been meaning to look for a pair of regular Chanel glasses too. After seeing your pic, I definitely want to look in to it.
  12. Very pretty and classy bag.
  13. Great choices!
    The bag and the glasses (love the glasses! :heart:) look so classy and chic on you!
  14. Oh that bag is stunning! Perfect choice for your first Chanel. Congrats!
  15. ^Thanx!!! I went to Lens Crafters...(They are an authorized dealer of Chanel,Prada,DKNY,...)..The frames were $300.00..The lenses (& my prescription isn't bad at all) were $290.00..(BUT I got the best you could get as far as coatings for glare/scratches etc and it really makes a difference as far as clarity of the lens)..They gave me a 25% discount b/c they didn't except my insurance ( I had to submit my claim myself..NBD)..So they came to $442.50 total...I thought that was reasonable considering..At some point I'd like to go back and get red or blue ..I never thought to use glasses as an accessory LOL!!! :heart: Emmy