*PICS* more R06 Soft Calf & Quilted Colors

  1. Blake in Cocoa <---- available in stores now
    - Cocoa leather with cream topstitching.
    - Gold-tone hardware.


    (source: neimanmarcus online)
  2. Dianne in Cocoa <--- in stores now


    (source: neimanmarcus online)
  3. Quilted Blake in Almond
    <NM site listed the color as Ivory. R06's Quilted Blake comes in Black, White Chiffon, Almond, Saddle Brown>


    (source: neimanmarcus online)
  4. Blake in Cocoa looks positively delicious!
  5. Key Pouch in Tapioca

    (source: eluxury)
  6. I am loving that Blake (the first one with the gold hardware)! Thanks for sharing the pictures!
  7. Multipocket in Tapioca (Soft light brown suede lining)

    (source: shoptwigs.com)
  8. Cocoa doesn't look that way IRL. NM & BG's pictures don't show the real colors as well as shoptwigs'.
  9. Mixed Quilted Leather Emily in Oatmeal

    (source: Saks.com)
  10. ^ Thats too bad, the color looks incredible in that photo! Do you know if it is darker or lighter in real life?
  11. I don't remember the exact color already. NM/BG/Elux/Saks' pictures usually don't show the real life colors too well. The ones from Shoptwigs are better, the following's pasted from their site.


    Unmistakably Marc Jacobs, the multi-pocket hobo has earned its place as a timeless classic and a must-have for the serious handbag collector. Ultra-supple Italian calfskin is accented with signature golden push-lock hardware, zip top, and top handle with ring details. Soft light brown suede lining. Made in Italy. 7.5" x 9.5" x 4.25"

  12. The Dianne does not look that good irl. My SIL got the black Dianne as a gift (for passing the bar!) and the tiny pushlock is such a pain if you wanna unzip that top zipper. Not a very smart design.
  13. NM/BG/Saks/Elux give the impression that the colors look better than they actually are in real life. Among the Soft Calf colors (Black, Cocoa, Olive, Scarlet, Sand, Tapioca) that I saw in stores, I like Tapioca the most.
    * Black stitching on Black leather is too plain <don't like>
    * Cocoa - not deep/rich & shiny like NM/BG's pictures <don't like>
    * Olive - not a fan of green <don't like>
    * Scarlet - between Ferrari Red (not as bright) & Brick Red (not as deep/rich)
    * Sand - reminds me of 04's Almond without its pink undertone.
    * Tapioca - combination of Linen and Ivory
  14. How much is that key pouch? My mom's birthday is coming up and she needs something like that for her coins, etc.
  15. ^ $125usd