PICS - Modern Chain Totes - Red & White

  1. I'm 5'2" and I think the bag is too big to use as an everyday hand bag, but maybe it would make a good work tote?

    Would appreciate opinions. I'm trying to decide if I want to keep one and which color.

    Chanel Modeling 001.jpg Chanel Modeling 003a.jpg Chanel Modeling 013a.jpg Chanel Modeling 018a.jpg
  2. The bag looks fabulous on you! It would make a nice work tote. I really like the whhite one.
  3. I like the white one. Cute shoes too!
  4. HI smooth!
    I really adore that red one. It just pops out and is so vibrant. I also tried on the MC line at SCP and I'm also 5'2 and it was too big for me. I think it looks great on you though. You could probably use it for work and the red goes really well with jeans. The red looks classy and fits you so well.
  5. Oh Mon!!!!!!!!!!!:heart:
    They both look FAB on you! I don't think they're too big at all, not compared to the Coco.
    Since you have that fantastic white tote I'd keep the red!:yes:
  6. Red. Its beautiful. White's nice too, but maintenance might be difficult.
  7. Both colors looks good on you. For the first glance I was paying more attention to the red becoz it really stands out. But I would settle for the white. I think the white is nicer , u can see all the little details and the color is more pratical for matching with outfits.
  8. If you're going to use it for work...... red. Because the white will get dirty a lot easier.
  9. Go for the red.Red is HOT for fall..and dont you already ahve a white one that you love?
    Great..Now I want the red one too..hee.hee...
  10. Both are gorgeous but I agree with Swanky - you have the large white DS so keep the red MC! Yes, it is big, but you are confident and can pull it off. You have such commanding posture! :biggrin:
  11. OMG! They look fabulous on you!!! BOTH of them. But Swanky is right, since you have the White DS Tote, keep the red. Or if you can, keep the White too :graucho:
  12. Which size is this one? I thought they came in two different sizes? Is this the one that is longer N/S, or more E/W? Also, what is the style information on the tag? They are both so beautiful, but the red really pops.
  13. Both of them look great on you but the red one will get less dirty at work. I am 5-2 as well and like the smaller bags, but this one would be great as a work bag.
  14. I also think both colors look good on you, I think if you wear heels like you are in the pics to add some height then it isn't too big. But if I pick I will pick red because a big white bag like this might be difficult to keep clean!
  15. Red is my favorite color, but for some reason, I'm loving this bag in the white.