PICS - Modeling Dark Red Metalic 2.55

  1. I am posting modeling pics 'cause it's really too dark to get a good picture of the color.

    This is the 226 size (A37587)

    For reference I'm 5'2" size 2/4
    2-7-08 011.jpg 2-7-08 009.jpg 2-7-08 008.jpg
  2. OMG amazing! Love the J12 too..
  3. I love the color & it looks great on you.
  4. Mon,

    You look gorgeous! I love it.
  5. Love this bag, I can't wait to get a phone call for mine...
  6. You looks so good, that bag is gorgeous! You look skinny!
  7. LOVE this bag! It looks great on you! The color is just so rich and yummy. Congrats Mon!
  8. Mmmm. Me loves the metallic red. It's a fab color! Yes. Congrats!!
  9. Mon you look absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!! the 226 suits you quite red and the red... omg the red!! congrats!!!!
  10. It's beautiful Mon! Is it what you you love it? It looks great on you! Congrats!
  11. Looks so pretty! Congrats on a gorgeous bag!
  12. Hi Molly, yes the color is GORGEOUS!!! I'm holding out for the 227 size though. I think it will suit me better.
  13. Thank you. How about the Camelia Cachlonj ring?:p

    Thank you.:smile:

    Awe, thanks! But I notice that the large Chanel belt buckle I'm wearing (underneath the sweater) makes me look huge in the front.
  14. Well, that size looks great on you, but I know what you mean. I don't think NM is ever going to get this red in.:sad:
  15. Why not Molly? I was assured that NM would.:shrugs: