*PICS* Mastic Giant Hobo with silver..LOVE THIS BAG

  1. This is my Mom's bag and I am in love with it. I really love the silver on this color and if you wear white gold or platinum it is fabulous! The silver gives it a more vintagey look, totally different look than the gold. She got one with GH from NM and it just looked too blingy & clashed with her jewelry. So Daphne sent her this one and it is GORGEOUS. Love the leather, color, & silver hw on this color. I would have never thought silver on mastic would look so pretty. With her white gold and platinum jewelry it really looks great! These pictures do not even do the bag justice. It looks much prettier in person. I need this bag!! I took pictures in different lighting.

    Inside with flash:

    Outside, shade, no flash:


    Outside in sun:


    Outside, semi sun:


    Outside bright shade:

  2. I'm falling in love with the GSH... Never thought I would, as I am a RH girl... But it sure looks good on both Mastic and Violet.... Hmmm....

    Your Mom is so lucky :yes:
  3. I'm a regular harware gal too but I do love the Giant Hobo and unfortunately they don't make it with rh. Why I have no clue. However I really love it on this style and in this color.
  4. Wow--that's a beautiful bag, I love it with the silver!
  5. luckily, the hobo style isn't that heavy! it's a very pretty combo.
  6. Love it! I think the GSH makes the mastic color look richer whereas the GGH makes the color seem lighter. I am loving mastic lately and this hobo makes it hard for me to decide what mastic to get!
  7. I love it in the Day style too.:yes:
    oatmeangiantsilverday1.jpg oatmeangiantsilverday%255B1%255D%2520%25283%2529.jpg
  8. Oooohhh, I love the GH Hobo! Thanks for posting more pics of the mastic. I hpe your mom enjoys the bag.
  9. :okay:That color is GORGEOUS with the silver hardware.. I would never have thought mastic & silver!!... I was lovin' the look of sandstone with the gold hardware - but now this.... ahhhh the temptations they are NEVER ENDING!!:confused1:
  10. Who would of thought Mastic and SGh would look sooo amazing! I'm getting tempted....
  11. wow! it is beautiful! your mom is certainly lucky! ;):heart:
  12. Not only do I love the SGH way more than the GGH, I think it looks PARTICULARLY lovely on the warmer colors. The silver against the mastic is breathtaking!!!!:drool::drool: And the leather is ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhh!
  13. Powder...would love to see a modeling pic in the Florida sunshine if you get the chance! Btw, has H-E-DoubleHockeySticks frozen over? I can't believe you're liking something in GH! ;)
  14. Thank you powderpuff for those AMAZING pics! I love the look of the SGH on the mastic, its so understated and elegant.

    A Besace would be so pretty in this combination, don't you think?
  15. Gorgeous bag!! Thanks for the variety of photos! :nuts: