Pics, Magenta plus, a lil' leather & a lil' lace(ing)...

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  1. Ergo Laced Satchel in Magenta, style 12725 @ $498. Also available in Putty. I don't have Putty, but it appears to be like an Off-White(?).

    The leather on this bag appears to be vintage, because of the striations that you see, but the care card says that it is 'Distinctive Leather'. It also has a 'glazed' appearance and feel.

    The lacing detail is on the front and back, but the front has the bow, hangtag and a cute round disc (possibly metal, but not brass) that is pierced with the traditional Cs. (COACH has jewelry with this same piercing design.) The lining is a very pretty shade of pink and makes a nice contrast with the exterior, very girly IMO.

    It looks like they used the same pattern as was used for the Signature version of the Ergo pleated satchel, as this has the little end caps, and the leather/patent versions do not.

    The pics are with the camera flash, and show the true color. If you L:heart:ve purple, this is one to consider!

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  2. more pics,

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  3. the color is beautiful! i like how coach is adding the little bet extra detail like the bow, lacing and metal c fob addition. looks great on you :smile:
  4. Wow! That is so cute! I didn't think they could improve on the pleated ergo, but I like the details this one more!
    Wear it well!
  5. Gorgeous bag! I'm glad I waited on the rose pleated satchel, because this color is TDF!!
  6. Wow you are on a bag-modeling roll!!! That is a gorgeous bag - really, really nicely done. The details make all the difference sometimes!! Congrats and enjoy this beauty too.
  7. Wow, that is really really nice. I love the extra details on it. Enjoy your new bag. Its such a great color.
  8. So the color is more purple right my computer screen is not fooling me allmost like the color of magenta in the hamptons vintage line only have seen the clutch IRL . I love it congrats!
  9. :drool: I love the little gold charm! That bag is so pretty!
  10. Wow that is gorgeous! I love the color! I have been hunting for the "right" purple bag, and this is a serious contender. :graucho:
  11. Beautiful color! Congrats!! For some reason my SA made me think it would have side lace detailing like the Abbey. It's only around the handles, right??

  12. it looks beautiful! i love the details and the hangtags...cute! thanks for sharing the pics, the bag looks great on you!
  13. I can't seem to take pics of myself, so I have to wait for my son to help!

    The details are gorgeous and tastefully done, IMO.
  14. Yes, maryG the color is more purple and like the Magenta of the Hamptons Clutch. It also looks alot like the Bleecker Patent Tote, 12362, in Plum.
  15. I was also told this would have lacing details like the Abby satchel, they were obviously guessing.

    This bag is just like the Signature version, but without the lacing on the actual handles. It's only around the 'scoop area' of the bag.