*PICS* LV Siena MM or Speedy B 30

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  1. Hi everyone! I am new here and thought this post might be kind of fun! I recently made my FIRST luxury handbag purchase(s) this past Sunday, both from Louis Vuitton. I decided on the Croisette in DA (not pictured) and ONE of the two bags pictured below... my question to you is what looks better on me/ what would you have chosen if you were me? Pictured are the Speedy Bandouliere 30 and the Siena MM, both in DE.

    I HAVE already made the decision and purchase, so this is for fun/ outside opinions more than anything :smile:

    AA001BA8-6401-4FD2-A213-E416BA83AC4C.jpeg AC1A4A72-D4FC-4160-8688-6DF5BB0E11BA.jpeg D4CF3593-4DF3-459F-ABB6-FC28D96FA3C3.jpeg
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  2. Welcome! Love both but I am partial to the Siena!
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  3. Both are great bags and look very good on you. So hard to choose! I actually want a Siena mm, I think Siena mm, but you cannot make a wrong choice here.
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  4. Welcome! The speedy! It's more classy looking on you, and I already know you will make good use of it (with an organizer preferably) as you can fit anything!
    Let us know what you chose
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  5. Both look great on you, but I think I like the speedy slightly more. Classic and young in one :smile:
  6. Welcome! :wave: Both look great I’m sure either choice you made is perfect for you. My vote is for the Siena.
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  7. Welcome to LV world! My vote goes also for the speedy b (please get an organizer as stated, much more comfort in day to day) :coolio:
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  8. Congratulations!
    I think the speedy looks better on you. My vote goes for the speedy!
    Speedies are amazing. No need to baby those bags in the rain. And, you can really use it in a variety of situations, including traveling on airplanes, sightseeing and even at 5@7 with friends. Speedies fit a lot of essentials. Not many bags can tick all these boxes at once!
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  9. The Siena looks better as a crossbody, but my vote is for the Speedy B. The Speedy looked good yesterday, looks good today and will look good tomorrow because it is a true classic. I am not a fan of pleats in a bag, but that's just my personal preference. I have the Speedy B in DE and think it looks good whether you carry a little or a lot. I do not use an organizer in mine because I like the sag, LOL
  10. I have a speedy b 25 and recently sold my Siena MM. having said that my vote is Siena MM, I loved the bag but it was just too big for my body. I think the speedy b 30 is a bit large for crossbody wear and the Siena sits so nicely. Let us know!
  11. Since I had to make this decision not too long ago, my vote goes to the Siena MM. I love the pleats and how great it looks casually as well as dressy. But, honestly, I love both.
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  12. Siena
  13. I have and love both but if I could only have one, I’d pick the Sienna as it is a bit dressier and hangs closer to the body.
  14. Siena looks better, but both look nice. If you want crossbody wear, the siena sits flatter against the body and looks more proportioned for crossbody. Both will be easy to care for in ebene.
  15. I love the way the Siena looks on you! It lays really nice as a crossbody too.
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