*PICS* Lovin' my new LINDY!! (modeling pics page 7)

  1. I purchased my first Hermes Lindy this week. I did not think the Lindy was for me for a long time, but just recently I was drawn to this bag. I really do love it. I know there has been some discussion on the forum about the color, but I love bright POP colors and this one is just perfect for me.
    As keeping with my tradition:rolleyes:, I have named her after a character from the movie Gone With The Wind. Her name is
    Careen, she was Scarlett's youngest sister in the movie.
    Thanks for sharing my excitement:flowers:. I also added a pic of my new Hermes key chain, I use it for a bag charm.
    These pics do not do the color justice, she is much more beautiful IRL.:girlsigh:

    30cm ~Lindy ~Lagoon/Swift
    LagonLindy.jpg LagonLindy1.jpg LagonLindy2.jpg hermeskeychainclodesel.jpg
  2. Beautiful colour Penny! Congratulations!
    Share some modeling pics with us?:flowers:

    You ROCK, GIRL!!!
    LOVE IT!!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

  4. Beautiful Penny! :tup: Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. It's a great bag! Model it!!!
  5. I love the colour Penny! Congratulations.
  6. WOW! Gorgeous, I've seen lagoon in real life and it's a fabulous colour. Congrats and I love your new key chain too - can you post a pic of it to show the size, ie hanging off your Lindy or something so I can see how big/small it is, thanks.
  7. This is absolutely the BEST and most PERFECT color and leather for the Lindy, IMO.

    *Goes back to staring at Lindy*
  8. Careen is very beautiful. Congratulations!!!
  9. Congratulations! What a striking color!
  10. Thanks girls!!! I do love her!
    AAN - Yes I will post a pic of the new key chain hanging on one of my Bikinis.
    Will post modeling pics tomorrow, not dressed today working from home in PJ's - WooHoo!!!
  11. that color is really gorgeous! congrats!!
  12. Penny, that is a beautiful bag. I really do think that Lindy's look best in a bright, eye catching color to match their unique styling. Congratualtions!!!
  13. OMG I just fell out of my chair, Penny! I love Lagoon, that looks so amazing...:drool:

    I want modeling pics!
  14. Congratulations!

    And please post some action shots - I saw a lagoon Lindy at the boutique this weekend, but would love to see it at work!
  15. *swoon*...it's beautiful! Just like the Tiffany color...my FAVORITE!!