**PICS** Khaki baby cabas.

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  1. The khaki baby cabas was added to my collection tonight! I took some pics w/flash and some w/out. The beautiful color of this bag cannot be captured correctly with my sidekick and these pics do not do this bag justice.

    chanel 117.jpg
    chanel 118.jpg
    chanel 119.jpg
    chanel 122.jpg
    chanel 123.jpg
  2. Wow! Don't you already own a white and or a black one too? Lucky girl.
  3. gorgeous!!
  4. Umm, yes.:blush: Clearly I have a shopping problem.
  5. great color!

    do you have an updated collection pic hehe
  6. HEHE, no but I am working on that and will post a chanel family collection this week. I have to wait until my fiance is out for a few hours, then I will take all of them out from hiding and snap a group shot.
  7. Which color is your favorite? And which color do you most likely to use more? You do carry the bag very nice.
  8. YAY for you:yahoo: !!! Don't you just love the color:yes: ? I am so envious as you have now Khaki, White, and Black:nuts: :love: ! I wish I have the funds for another color:P:shame: . Congratulations and enjoy!!!!

  9. congrats love it
  10. gorgeous! congrats again!
  11. gorgeous ... congrats dear :love:
  12. OH crud..NOW i Want the khaki too..rofl..I may have triplet baby cabas...HEE.HEE
  13. Beautiful! Congrats!
  14. :drool: Congrats! Beautiful color!
  15. OMG!! Gorgeous!! love the color :smile: