Pics!! Khaki baby cabas with braided chain!

  1. IdIdb, I am sorry to post those pics before you, since you bought it ahead of me:p Yet I saw you were wondering what chain it was with this specific bag, and Good News! It is the braided,comlicated chain!! You are gonna love it! The color is sooo gorgeous:tup: I did not realize the difference between the braided and the regular until I saw it IRL.;)

    I took it with my cell phone, bare with me the pic quality:)
    DSC00190.JPG DSC00191.JPG
  2. Congrats. Beautiful.
  3. I love the chain on the khaki Cabas so much! It was hard for me to return the bag because of the chain alone. Congrats!
  4. Wow ... that chain is really something special. Beautiful.... Congrats!

  5. But oh so glad you did , Roey!! :yahoo:
  6. Joy! thanks for posting your pics...I am still anxiously waiting for the fedex guy to get here. At least I have your pix to drool over until I can do so with my own bag! Are you totally loving your bag or what!!!
  7. Beautiful bag! I love the colour and the chain link is stunning.
  8. Great picture. I love the colour. Your cel phone did well!!!
  9. my bag just came! woohooo! i'll post modellin pics later!!
  10. That's such a great bag and the chain is so cool!!!
    joyfishyu and ldldb - congrats on a beautiful purchase!
  11. Gina, I'm so glad you're happy with the khaki Cabas and that Denise could make the second sale to give it a new home.

    Larkie - looking forward to seeing your gorgeous modeling pics!
  12. congrats, very intricate design, i love it.
  13. You both have good taste, it is a beautiful bag.
  14. That is mt favourite colour in the Baby Cabas. Definitely on my wishlist. Congrats!! I am totally drooooolinggg :drool:
  15. It's gorgeous! Congrats!