**PICS** I found those bags from a HK magazine

  1. Let me know what do you think? Personally I love the golden lady braid alike the most...
  2. These are all from past seasons. Very nice, I like them all.
  3. Gorgeous.
    They are jewels !!!!!
  4. The clutch is divine. Cheers for the pics.
  5. I love them all, the clutch is TDF!
  6. cache, the golden bag you mentioned is actually from the Vintage Ligne collection. The "lady braid" bag is from the vintage ligne collection too. But the handles are so iconic of the lady braid, hehe.
  7. Ooooh the clutch is gorgeous!
  8. That clutch is insane! I love it!
  9. oooh pretty
  10. Love the clutch!
  11. These are beautiful.....Thank you!!!