**pics** I bought a HUGE Chanel Ring ......

  1. WOW! Big and Blingy :nuts:

  2. omg, I love that ring. May I ask where you got it and how much?

  3. eBay :shame: I paid $255 including shipping .... I think it retailed for $280 ....
    and I think the seller still has another one
  4. Lovely.
  5. Gorgeous! Nice nails too!
  6. What a stunner! I love it's Big and Blingy-ness :smile:
  7. I LOVE big blingy rings!! It's a beauty!
  8. Cool looking ring!!!:nuts:
  9. Bling is definately in! I love the big rings......now if I can just convince darling BF big diamonds are pretty... ha ha.:p
  10. sooo gorgeous!!
  11. Very nice! I've seen the ring on eBay but didn't realize it was such a nice size.

  12. heehee! Thanks! just had a manicure :shame:

  13. It is B I G !
    my DH is going to think I have seriously lost my mind :nuts:
  14. THANK YOU everyone!! :flowers: This was such a really fun purchase!
  15. I love flower rings!!! This one is FABULOUS!!!