Pics holding MC Noe?

  1. Does anyone have pics of someone holding their MC petite noe? I am curious how it looks on. Thanks!
  2. Wow I had no idea it is so gorgeous !
  3. That's the pic that made me fall in love with the MC Noe.
    Looks so much better "on" than it does in pictures!
  4. I know, the eLux picture sucks !
  5. that bag is gorgeous!! maybe i'll treat myself to one on my holidays...

    i absolutely love the noe in white mc!
  6. (did the original poster want the petite?)

    i didn't know the Noe was this nice on! wow! :heart:
  7. It looks gorgeous on her !

    I've never liked the noe shape, it just looks so silly.. but this is definitely changing my mind !
  8. It's sooo gorgeous... and I'm really tempted to buy one :nod:
  9. Love it!
  10. I love noe's very chic looking..
  11. Now that is cute! When I look at the pic on elux, I think it looks frumpy...but to see a pic of someone carrying it looks really nice.
  12. Doesn't the MC only come in the petite noe?

  13. yep its does :yes: