*PICS* here are before and after on Greige City Bag

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  1. This bag was a little veiny but I went for color rather than leather. I wanted one more on the beige side and I got it. I used 2 applications of te Apple Guard Condioner. I let it dry for several days after I wiped it off and now it is ready to be sprayed with the protector and I am going to try the lovinmybags handle protector. The last picture was in sunlight, the color of the bag did not change.
    The first pictures 2 are before, the next 3 after.
    pic020abefore.jpg pic020bbefore.jpg pic020cafter.jpg pic020fafter.jpg pic020eafter.jpg
  2. Same application with reds. First 3 are before and others are after.
  3. More red after pics.
  4. The black wasn't veiny but I wanted to condition it. i think it plumps them up and protects from scratches. Here are before and after.
  5. That Greige is so beautiful. Someday, I will have one!
  6. OMG, powderpuff, you & all your cities are gorgeous girl, congrats :wlae:

    p.s. i'm always drooling over your backdrops too :drool:
  7. Thank you girls. I still have to take pic of my new white. I have enough neutrals now(I think) so ready for some serious colors. I think I need pink and a blue. :yes:
  8. Your bags looks delicious! I have been so afraid of applying anything to my bags but I am so tempted. I think after seeing your results I might give it a go!

    BTW it looks like you live in paradise, the backdrop is so pretty!
  9. They look fabulous! I'm still waiting for the lovinmybags products to arrive and then we'll see what magic they can do.
  10. Wow, thanks for all the pictures, I can't stop looking at them! You have a great collection and they all have GREAT leather!
  11. Tanja can order them from europe ?
  12. Wow Powderpuff, your collection is scrumptious! Love your greige:drool: . The leather looks so good after your AG application!
  13. Wow, all of the results are fabulous! I love that Apple conditioner. :smile:
  14. Thanks for posting PP - all your City's are gorgeous and the leather looks amazing. The griege is TDF.
  15. Ahhh your Greige is just GORGEOUS :nuts: I've been debating for over 3 months now....maybe the pix of your bag was the final push!! :upsidedown: