*PICS* Has anyone had experience with Dior repairs and cleaning?

  1. I have a Dior denim saddle that is really dirty and needs cleaning. I also have these following bags that need repairs:

    this one is really scratched on the leather and would like to have the scratches buffed out (can I do this myself? If so with what?)

    this one the area under the logos on the handles is peeling and the corners are losing the color...any recs for this one? [​IMG]

    and this one the lacing on the shoulder strap is thinning so much it is coming loose where the lacing starts, hard to see in pics. [​IMG]

    I hate to admit that I want to fix these bags, but I only buy bags that I love very very much and would probably cry if I ever lost one due to it being too worn out :sad:

    Thanks for any recs or help on how I can fix any of this myself or if any of you know what Dior might charge (if they will even do it)
  2. i sent my gaucho in for repairs. It was quick and they fixed everything. Mine was also free to repair because my bag was quite new.
  3. i'd feel it's better to send them to Dior for repairs. If your bags are bought recently, they might waive the charges. For my bag, they did a good job.
  4. Your bags are not from the current season so, depending on the discrection of the manager, there may be fees involved because these are not manufacturing fault but natural wear and tear. In terms of dirt, if it is fabric i'd take it to a reputable dry cleaner or with leather buy a good zanolin based leather cleaner and apply with a soft cloth to stain. Depending on how long the stain has been there , you might get most of it off but not all. You really need to address stains ASAP (like denim stains) to ensure it all comes off. If you have a good leather repairer that you trust, i would take the bags to him or to your local boutique. Just be prepared for them to ask you to pay and because bags are older and discontinued spare parts maybe harder to source. Hope that helps! :smile:
  5. Thanks Diordarling...yes they are all from older seasons except the white being from not last summer, but the summer before. I will just take the leather ones to Dior. I was hoping the top black one I could somehow buff the scratches out myself, but have no clue what to use!

    Thanks for the info...I knew I would have to pay, just did not know if Dior had this service. :smile:
  6. I took my Saddle to Dior in Milan to get the closure replaced because it was not working well anymore, they've sent it to Paris and told me I have to wait 2 months to get it back...I went at the beginning of November, I hope to get in January. I'm sure they will charge me some € for it, still don't know how much. I advise you to get all your bags to a Dior boutique.
  7. If the scruffs on the black Diva bag aren't too deep, you can just apply a neutral cream cleaner onto the scruffed areas and rub the scruff marks in circles repeatedly. The rubbing is really effective in removing most scruffs. The cream cleaner just helps soften the leather a bit so that the scruff removes more easily.

    For the white bag, I recommend that you take this to a professional leather cleaner that re-dyes leather. Most of these cleaners can match the color of the bag to an exactness, and it makes any of the corners that look a bit worn off disappear. They also fix peeling straps before redying the bag, so that will take care of the base of the straps.

    I don't know if Dior can repair your Admit It bag. They can only repair bags that they still make the parts for, and the Admit It line was discontinued over 5 years ago. You can always find a newer one on eBay for a really good price.

    I hope this helps!
  8. I have a gaucho from 2003 that I took in 2006 to be repaired. I wasn't charged a penny,but it took about 6 weeks to get it back (they also had to put on a piece of leather cause the C frayed it around the flap)

    A few months ago I had to take in my gaucho to have a piece of hardware replaced and had it back within 2 weeks. When I inquired about cleaner they gave me a full bottle of Apple Polishes-leather care (which is safe on exotics).
  9. Thanks again for all of this advice :smile: I will try the apple line of stuff!!! And take the other bags in to Dior
  10. Hi, I was wondering where do you send your bags to?
    My "d" fell off and I lost it and I was wondering if there is any way I could get it fixed?
  11. Dior is excellent for repairs. I sent of some broken shoes which I had for over a year they couldnt repair it so gave me a gift recipt for the full price of the shoes and I ended up getting an even better pair!
  12. Interesting...I just took in shoes a few weeks ago to have the leather repaired (I think I hit something and put a small cut in the leather :crybaby:on my favorite Dior country pumps!!)

    She said they don't do shoe repairs and sent me in the direction of the company they use for repairs of this sort, Factotum. They're based in Laguna, but in the future you could probably mail it in. The one located in La Jolla is in the Margaret's Dry Cleaner which is the company I use to clean my clothes...highly recommended! Just nice to know a good place if needed. :p I have 2 pairs of shoes to take there this week...

  13. sorry for bumping this thread, but I want to share my experience with Dior repairing: I took at the beginning of November my saddle in Dior Milan to get the velcro closure repaired. The SA told me it could take 2 months because they had to ship it to Paris, then they would have call me back when the bag was ready. In February I still hadn't received any call, then I called them and the SA told me the bag was ready.
    I went to Milan 2 weeks ago and got my bag back - everything was fine, the SAs were all very nice and I had to pay 40 € for it (not that bad if you think it was sent to Paris).
  14. seriously if they make a decision to use velcro on luxury brand handbags they should be prepared to cover the cost exchanging it for free...its not exactly rocket science to figure out velcro uses up uuurgh !