*PICS* H Goodies aka Eye Candy :)

  1. I photographed all of my Hermes items to have on one photo CD for insurance purposes, so I thought I would share the pics.
    Some are new and I have never posted pics before.

    First - The Shawls - Cashmere & Silk:welcome:
    htohobohucashmeresilkshawl (2).jpg cornerhtohubohushawl1 (2).jpg cornerhtohubohushawl (2).jpg cornerhthekeycashmeresilkshawl (2).jpg thekeyshcashmeresilkshawl (2).jpg
  2. Ooooooh, let me get comfortable, this should be GOOD. :popcorn:
  3. ^^^ The first is the Tohu Bohu in orange colourway. Also shown is The Keys in Bleu Jean colourway.

    I am having trouble with the re-sized pics. I will make some adjustments and repost these before continuing with all the other pics for the thread.
  4. Trying the pics again---
    htohobohucashmeresilkshawl.jpg cornerhtohubohushawl.jpg cornerhtohubohushawl1.jpg thekeyshcashmeresilkshawl.jpg cornerhthekeycashmeresilkshawl.jpg
  5. Penny... did you read my mind? I just requested that others post their H items... must have done it at nearly the same time!
  6. Penny, I can already tell this is going to be GOOD! Love that Tohu Bohu shawl, it's one of my absolute favorite H designs. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to see what else you've got!
  7. The Mussolin (Silk) Shawl:cutesy:
    hmouselineshawl.jpg hmouselineshawlcorner.jpg
  8. This thread will be so much fun!!! I am leaving soon and I will check back when I come back!!! :tup::tup:
  9. Penny, I have looked at your Keys shawl on the website so many times, and it has never done anything for me, but your pics have made me want it !!!!!
  10. The Silk Twill 36"x 36" Scarves :queen:

    I am having tech difficulties with tPF and posting pics.
    I apologize for the delay between each post:shame:.

    The first pic is the corner of the New Orleans Jazz - Black Colourway
    The second pic is the Passementerie - Gold Colourway
    hneworleansjazzscarfcorner.jpg hpassementariescarf.jpg hpassementariescarfcorner.jpg
  11. Still having trouble with pics..

    The Jungle Love - Turquoise Colourway
    hjungleloveturquoisesacrf (2).jpg hjungleloveturquoisescarfcorner (2).jpg
  12. I apologize for the problems with the pics, I am resizing them the same size as always, but tPF is giving me an upload error.
    I have now resized them to a different size and will start again with the scarves.
    Thanks for your patience:flowers:.
  13. Penny, thanks for posting! Looking forward to seeing everything!
  14. The Silk/Twill 36" x36" Handrolled Scarves - :queen:

    The first pic is the Marwari - Black Colourway
    The second pic I am not sure of the proper name or colourway
    hmarwariscarfcorner.jpg hcross-stichscarf.jpg hcross-stichscarfcorner.jpg hmarwariscarf.jpg
  15. The first pic is the New Orleans Jazz - Black Colourway
    The second pic is Jungle Love - Turquoise Colourway
    hjungleloveturquoisesacrf.jpg hjungleloveturquoisescarfcorner.jpg hneworleansjazzscarfcorner.jpg hneworleansscarf.jpg