**PICS**Gucci Horsebit Bracelet: ONLY 2 IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY & I have one of them!!!

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  1. :love: Look what I got today at the Gucci jewelry boutique @ Rodeo Dr...a silver Hearts Horsebit Link Bracelet! Super heavy pure silver, only 2 exist in the entire U.S! The other one is in New York if anyone wants it...:yes:

  2. So nice!! congrats!!!
  3. OMG!!!! I love it!!!!! How much was it?
  4. Wow, very very pretty :smile:

    Can you even lift your hand with it on? lol
  5. nice, congrats!
  6. It was $1200...I know, I know, I didn't feel too smart paying that much for freakin' silver :shame:, but hey, there were only TWO in existence for the WHOLE country, whatsa girl to do? :girlsigh:
  7. the next time you're going to shop, can I come with you :wtf:? waw! you've made some beautiful purchases in the last week! love the horsebit bracelet so much! it looks stunning on you! congrats!
  8. Nice!!! :wtf::drool:

    I dont think 1200 was a bad price, I love gucci silver!!

    There's a Gucci jewelry boutique :confused1:
  9. very nice, congrats.
  10. that is HAWT!!!! mannnnn i want that now haha!! i was thinking about the icon stardust necklace...but wow i might change my mind!!! :smile:

    thanks for posting (and enabling me!!) and CONGRATS!!!
  11. Yes, in Beverly Hills, Gucci seperates it's clothes and handbags from the jewelry by having two boutiques on the same street...go get it if you want it, there's only 1 left in the country! :yes:
  12. congrats! nice bracelet!
  13. looks heavy!!!
  14. omg..you always get the nicest things! thats very pretty and elegant :smile:
  15. wow that's so beautiful!