Pic's giant part timer

  1. Thanks for all your feedback on my first bag- these are pic's from the store. What about this for a first bag? Natural is my choice
    Giant Part Time White and Natural.jpg Giant Part Time FBlue,White,Black,Grassgreen,Seagreen,Cafe,Marine,Vermillion.jpg
  2. Love the Natural and the Vert Deau;)
  3. Natural or Cafe.:smile:
  4. definitely natural
  5. Natural is a great choice. I think it looks great with the gold hardware!
  6. natural!!!! or marine is lookin nice.....
  7. are those bags on the floor ???? :wtf:
  8. Anyway thanks for posting !!! RV is tdf!!!
  9. is this a better choice from the city bag.. someone please show me what the city bag looks like.
  10. My thoughts exactly!! :yes:
  11. my first reaction when i saw those pics was "omg...is the ground clean?!?!? ECKKK!! get those bbags off the floor!!!"

    i know..i think something is wrong w/ me...seriously...
  12. My thoughts too! love the natural & vert d'eau, but what is the café one in the photo with the natural? :drool:
  13. ^ THATS EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT TOO!!! looks like the floor in my unfinished basement, icky!

    Goegeous, I don't htink i could pull off the new harware, but it's growing on me a bit...
  14. thx for sharing!
    i think i need a black city!!
  15. I'm not into the GH but I think naturel, café and white look best with gold.