Pics ~ Giant Mastic Silver hardware

  1. Hi Ladies
    I got these two pics from my SA Kim at BalNY today. I just wanted to share them with you. Kim told me this combo is really nice in person and she prefers it to the Gold Hardware. :tup:Enjoy.:heart:If some one knows how to make them bigger please go ahead.
    oatmeangiantsilverday[1] (3).jpg oatmealgiantsilvercity[1].jpg (3).jpg
  2. Thanks for posting... as much as I don't really prefer the Gold hardware... this combo would probably look better with it. :wlae: Like the picture of NaNaz avatar~!
  3. Not feeling it with the silver. I think the color would look hot with the GGH.
  4. ^^ I agree, the mastic with SGH in the day style looks great! Very neutral and comfortable to look at, actually.
  5. I really like that combo in the day. It looks like one of those bags that would go with every outfit.
  6. thanks for the pics NANAZ!!!

    Are you considering either style?:nuts::nuts:
  7. I like it better on the Day style than the City - I don't like it at all on the City. I think the Day looks great.

    Thanks for posting Nanaz! :yes: Are you getting one!?
  8. Oh Noooooooooo,:nogood: i just wanted every one to see this combo too. :yes:Can you make the pics bigger pleaseeee.:rolleyes:
  9. sorry nanaz I am using my iPhone to reply and can't enlarge the pics.

    Can someone help nanaz enlarge these gorgeous photos? Thanks
  10. here you go...
    i like the combo more on the day than the city...

  11. Thanks:smile:
  12. Thanks for posting for those who have contemplated this combination. I have to say its not as great as I thought it could possibly look. I thought it might be one of those unexpected colour combo's that work (anthracite blue and gold GH), but I don't feel its like that this time around so much.
  13. I saw Mastic in person and was shocked at how much it looks like Sandstone! I had to ask which it was. IRL it doesn't look as yellow as it seems to come out in pics. I prefer it with the gold GH over silver. The silver just looks so washed out. Hmmmm.
  14. ^^^ ITA with Karen... I like the GH on colors like SS and mastic... but the mastic still looks very yellow to me for some reason... thanks nanaz for the pics though... coz thats one color/combo down.... hehehe
  15. [​IMG]


    Nanaz : Nice combo...gorgeous bags!:tup: